Geens Platform Token (GEE)

Token distribution

Launch date: November 7, 2017


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What is Geens?

100 GEE Tokens for the first 10 000 users

1 GB of free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage


2017 Q3 - Stable E2E encrypted document storage
2017 Q3 - Timestamping proof of concept
2017 Q4 - Token Sale
2017 Q4 - Platform scaling, security hardening
2018 Q2 - Advanced timestamping services
2018 Q4 - GEE Economy v.1
2018 Q4 - Mobile applications (Android, iOS)
2019 Q2 - Data marketplace
2019 Q3 - Desktop applications (Windows, Mac)
2019 Q4 - Open source
2020 Q2 - Public APIs
2020 Q4 - Geens ecosystem

Board members

Jaak Geens
Entrepreneur, founder of Geens platform, president of Geens NPO
Linas Bukauskas
Assoc. prof. dr. of VU, vice president of Geens NPO


Giedrius Cibulskis
Geens platform designer and project manager
Julius Skačkauskas
Strategy, GEE Economy model
Tibor Vajda
Full-stack developer
Mindaugas Valančius
IP lawyer, timestamping legal advisor
Agnė Mačiukaitė
Smart contracts developer
Darius Lopeta
Full-stack developer
Klaudijus Valintėlis
Front-end developer
Mindaugas Januška
Crypto infrastructure supervisor
Inga Ivanovaitė
Legal advisor
Paulius Švagždys
Smart contracts developer
Aidas Šaltis
Mobile apps developer
Denis Orlenok
Communication design
Linas Makauskas
Video infographics
Csaba Toth
Back-end developer
Jonas Jegorovas
Developer, tester
Inga Baranauskienė
Financial officer
Gabija Enciūtė
Public relations

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